About Netzwerk Großstädtische Schulentwicklungsplanung

At the beginning of 2024, the WIB took over the well-established format "Netzwerktreffen Großstädtische Schulentwicklungsplanung" from the phasing out Transferagentur Großstädte.

In this format, the WIB offers participating municipalities the opportunity to exchange information about current challenges and trends in school development planning, to learn from each other and to network.  The WIB acts as a link between the municipalities, designs and organizes the meetings. As researchers with a focus on education issues, we gain an insight into the most important issues of local education administration and policy and can identify relevant research questions.

Each meeting discusses a specific topic, which is a consensus of the main interests of the participants. The meetings usually take place online and last 90 to 150 minutes, depending on the scope of the topic.

Currently, 32 municipalities from all over Germany are participating, with around 120 people on our network mailing list. These are not just school development planners. Employees from youth welfare, school administration, school authorities, statistics, urban planning, education monitoring, education planning, building and housing authorities are also participating.

Are you also directly or indirectly involved in school development issues in a large city (more than approx. 250,000 inhabitants) and would like to become part of the network? Then, you can join the mailing list here: Contact formular

Members of the network

Source: own illustration, as of March 2024

Source: own illustration, as of March 2024

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Contact Persons

Anna Makles, Juliane Stelter


Scheduled meetings

  • April, 16th, 2024. Topic: Qualitative SEP und die Umsetzung des Rechtsanspruchs auf Ganztagsbetreuung. (Invitation pending.)
  • 4. Quarter 2024

Past meetings

  • So far, none under the management of the WIB
  • Past meetings under the management of the Transferagentur Großstädte can be found here.

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