Performance cockpit for students and program designers (AIStudyBuddy)

Project outline

The aim of the joint application "AIStudyBuddy: AI-based support for study planning" by the RWTH, BUW and RUB is to use modern AI technologies to support planning and individual study courses. The focus is on two target groups: students and course designers. Students With the StudyBuddy, you receive a tool for informed and evidence-based planning of your studies over several semesters into the future.The StudyBuddy enables the graphical representation of study progress and provides actionable feedback, competence-oriented curriculum development or study advice.The project combines the AI ​​paradigms of data-supported (process mining) and rule-based AI (Answer Set Programming). Learning management and examination systems are discovered and examined. It compares real study courses with the intended ones.

Additional information

2022 until 2025

Studybuddy, feedback, study program design, study progress, study dropouts, study progress, monitoring

Kerstin Schneider (project lead)
Simon Görtz (project lead)
Johannes Berens (contact person)
Axel Schomaker


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