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Project Outline

On this page, you can find our recent research projects. Besides, there is also a list of current or finished projects of our academic staff.


Projects and Keywords

Transregional school development planning at LVRschool location planning, inclusion, special needs, student forecasts, school boards
Development planning for schools in the city of Frankfurt a.M.    school location planning, Gy8, Gy9, Ganztag, Hesse, Frankfurt, inclusion, school boards, student forecasts
School success of refugees in North Rhine-WestphaliaSchool success, refugees, migration, education, region, official school statistics
New instrument for weighted school funding in the city of BremenWeighted school funding, education funds, Bremen
Municipal expenditures for Gy9Gy8, Gy9, North Rhine-Westphalia, education funding
Integration of immigrantsIntegration, school, education, immigrants, refugees, municipalities
Peer effects and segregation
Segregation, peer-effects, early childhood education, kindergarten
Early identification of dropout risks
dropout risks from university, progress of studies, dropout, monitoring, interventions
Noise and child developmentNoise, traffic noise, adverse effects, environment, returns to education, school readiness, cognitive development
Flight and migration in school statistics

Administrative data, official data on schools, migration, migration background, refugees, educational participation

Educational pathwaysIndividual educational pathways, individual data on students, Bremen
School choice in St. Petersburgschool choice, segregation, St. Petersburg, Russia
Evaluation of Junior UniEarly childhood education, complementary education, returns to education
Transregional school development planningschool location planning, student forecasts, LVR, LWL
School choice and segregationPrimary school, school choice, school catchment areas, segregation, policy reform
Leadership in changing school environmentsSchool leadership, school management, professionalization, school enviroment
Evaluation of municipal expenditures for inclusion at schoolsInclusion, UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, North Rhine-Westphalia, school funding
Local costs of implementing inclusionIntegrative school system, special schools, school funding, inclusion, special needs education
Development planning for special schoolsInclusion, special schools, school location planning, Paderborn (district)
Local education monitoringEducation report, learning on site ('Lernen vor Ort'), indicators, cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven
Local public funding of educationEducation funding, municipal budgets, local education expenditure
Accounts for educationAccounting, school funding, full-time schooling, grade retention, inclusion, weighted school funding
Educational federalismEducational federalism, educational systems, inequality
Weighted school funding 1North Rhine-Westphalia, weighted school funding, students test scores, learning outcomes ('Lernstandserhebung'), VERA
Weighted school funding 2Hesse, weighted school funding, regional inequality
Central exit examsSecondary school, central exit exams

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